What do your plants & flowers really want? Ask Flower Care™

Flower Care™ speaks for plants, and accurate deliver all needs of every greenery & flowers at home, such as if the current moisture, sunlight,
fertilizer and temperature are suitable for them or not, enable you to take care your plants nice and easy.

Store data in the cloud, nice and easy to operate…and a bit cute.

You can manage your Flower CareTM via APP which enable you to gain all growth parameters of the plants, but also to store daily growth records in the cloud.

Only one button battery will keep your plants accompany for 365 days.

Flower Care™ integrates several monitoring modules, analyzing modules and signal modules inside a tiny body, however, it is a great energy saver. It can last more than 1 year with one CR2032 battery. Besides that, the whole body is waterproof IP5*

IP5 waterproof: Proof spray water from any direction, no harmful effects.

Like a knight protects a princess, like a Flower Care™ protects a plant.

After again and again improvement, we have the current appearance which is suitable for most of flowerpots' size and looks good with your plants.

Our name is HuaHuaCaoCao, in Chinese which means flowers & Plants

After years of hard work, we are now becoming an innovative technology company with 3 core business - smart hardware, plant industry chain and online business.

We are HHCC Plant Technology Co., Ltd. We have been focusing on becoming worldwide flower & plant supplier which provide one stop service from plants supplying to caring supporting.

Easy to use - only 3 steps

  • Insert Flower Care™ moisture sensor into soil at least 2/3

  • Android & iOS Apps are available!

  • After connected the light will flush twice, now come and experience the joy of growing plants with Flower Care™

All data of this website are come from Flower Care™ Database